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ITW Military Products recently has been alerted by one of their loyal U.S. users about a new circulating KNOCKOFF of the ITW FastMag™ Pistol.

The ITW FastMag™ Pistol (released in 2011) is built from the same hi-strength, GhillieTEX™ IR reducing, anti-fragmentation polymer as the original FastMag™. The FMP reduces reloading time for the operator and can be mounted in the up or down position. The system eliminates the need for traditional top closures by using an enhanced urethane tension strap, providing a secure point of access. Also available in duty belt, the entire FastMag™ series is designed to 'double-stack' on all FastMag™ Gen. III & FastMag™ Heavy.


(IMAGE 1: The name FastMag is not molded on the counterfeit)

Unfortunately, fake knockoff versions of the FastMag pistol have been showing up on the radar that recently hit the States. While the two items seem almost identical, there are a few subtle details that will let you know you have a counterfeit.  First and most noticeable, the name “FastMag” is NOT molded on the front of the counterfeit; however, the “FastMag” logo IS imprinted on the back attachment strap (Image 1). 



(IMAGE 2:  The counterfeit has “MADE IN CHINA” located on the back of the item)

Another noticeable feature is located on the back of the items (Image 2). While the ITW FastMag™ Pistol has “MADE IN USA” imprinted, the counterfeit has “MADE IN CHINA” imprinted. Other subtle features to the counterfeit are its slightly more matte finish and its flimsy rubber tension strap and attachment strap. ITW Military Products uses an enhanced urethane material for its tension strap and mounting system, the knockoff counterfeit is using a basic elastic rubber much like a rubber band. If the user can easily adjust the tension strap and/or easily stretch the mounting strap, you have yourself a knockoff counterfeit.  One other easy way to tell if you are not using an OEM FastMag Pistol, your magazines fall out!

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