About Us

ITW has been providing innovative products to the US Military since 1853. Divisions such as Nexus, Fastex, and Military Products are known throughout the world for their history of Quality and Innovation.

Throughout the years, ITW’s breadth of engineered products has expanded exponentially. Now these products and associated technologies are being targeted at value added opportunities in the Military and Defense industries. We are focused on identifying world class technology and developing a broad line of products for today’s demanding global situation. ITW Military Products produces engineered and innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers. Regardless of the challenge, we are there with you!



Commercial Innovations
ITW's culture is rooted in developing commercial innovations. Many of our product success stories begin on-site, where our customers' needs are most apparent. Thanks to the expertise of ITW's management and sales force (many of whom are trained engineers), we are well equipped to provide practical and time-sensitive solutions to the most complex situations. Our seasoned workforce intimately understands the manufacturing challenges facing customers and can develop original solutions from the ground up.

We also have the ability to support our businesses through our ITW Technology Center. Working on a request-only basis from our business units, the technology center provides advanced consulting on issues such as cutting-edge materials, mechanical designs and manufacturing processes.


80/20 Process
A driving force behind much of our success at ITW is our 80/20 business process, a practice that keeps us focused on our most profitable products and customers. The concept underlying 80/20 is simple: 80 percent of a company's sales are derived from the 20 percent of its product offering being sold to key customers.

Put simply, too often companies do not spend enough time on the critical 20 percent of their key customers and products and spend too much time on the lower volume 80 percent. Our view is that once you know who your high volume customers are, you can begin to understand what drives your growth and what your true costs are in the business. At the same time, we don't walk away from low volume customers; we just treat them differently, via outsourcing and specialty pricing programs. And regardless how big or small the order, product safety and quality are always 100 percent.