Technology & Development

GhillieTEX™ I.R. Signature Reduction Technology

ITW's original Fastex Side Release Buckles lightened the load of the U.S. Armed Forces over 25 years ago. Today, as technology has added new threats to the battlefield, ITW Fastex®/Nexus N.A. has accepted the challenge and developed products that both support and protect our troops.

The new GhillieTEX™products offer the cloaking benefits of IR Signal Reduction, increased field durability and the high quality that has become synonymous with Fastex. We, at ITW Fastex®/Nexus N.A., understand that our troops must trust the equipment they rely on everyday. These products have been designed to enhance survivability in the fierce environment of today's war zones.

We take pride in the support of our troops by providing the specific products and development resources that they require. This dedication is the reason both the Military specifies and top kit manufacturers choose ITW Fastex®/Nexus N.A.


All of our Military/Defense/MILSPEC hardware is 100% U.S. Berry Amendment Compliant.

Proudly Made in the USA.



PyroTEX Fire Resistant Technology

The FR Pyrotex products are proudly serving with our warriors on many platforms. Flame Retardant, Self-Extinguishing, GhillieTex IR signature compliant, available in military colors, Functional with No Melt, No Drip, passes vertical flame testing. The ONLY FR Hardware offered in Military Colors and IRR/Berry Amendment compliant. Not available in all product categories  please inquiry about availability.


The information provided on this page is to be used as a preliminary guideline when considering what materials to use in specific applications. This is not guaranteed performance data, since the information provided is general to the raw materials and therefore may vary by product, design or specific loading application. It is the customer’s responsibility to determine the suitability of our products in a particular application. Please contact ITW Nexus North America or ITW Military Products if you require any additional information.